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5 Benefits of a Service Model

from the Hydra High Council Feb 6th 2018

On the Enterprise Datacenter today all administrators are faced with what is being called "shadow it". Basically if your IT department can not provision services, such as infrastructure and platform fast enough to supply the developers' requests, they simply turn around and use a cloud provider service and consume from the cloud directly.

When they do that there is no guarantee that security and compliance is actually being taken in consideration, nor company policies where data is being stored.

By modernizing your Datacenter to enable the service model where users, developers and other parts of your organization can simply consume services as they would from a cloud provider you gain 5 major benefits:

Security - The data and control is in your hands

Compliance - Full control and visibility of your traffic and SLA's

Agility - Services can be consumed by each user/developer within a matter of minutes just like on a public cloud.

Cloud Benefits On-Prem: Modernizing your Datacenter allows you to leverage the full benefit of cloud, and operate on a hybrid mode if required.

Operational Savings - Often times customers realize that moving to Cloud is more expensive than making the investment on the datacenter to support a service model.