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Embracing a Change and Learning to Automate   For many companies, we typically see a dedicated group of engineers who handle the infrastructure side of the house, then we have another dedicated group of engineers who handle the development side. This has been the norm for many years and each group has felt comfortable taking…
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The problem with the term Cloud, in its popular usage in IT, is that it’s intended to obfuscate complexity to help a varied audience grapple with fundamental shifts in the industry. It’s a marketing term leveraged to sell products, rather than a technical classification described by the IEEE. Real clouds are amorphous and ethereal, and those attributes intentionally drive the metaphors inherent ambiguity. The fundamental point is that something provided to you by the Cloud is flexible and easy, in some way managed for you, and at least initially, hosted by the provider rather than in your own datacenter.
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ICMP is a message service for networking devices. It works in the background supplying information related to network connectivity, but it is also used under the hood in diagnostic utilities. You might already be familiar with echo and echo-reply messages. These are ICMP packets sent and received with a ping. ping !!!!!    …