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Cloud Ready?

from the Hydra High Council Jun 26th 2018

"Am I Cloud Ready?"

There is a lot of buzz about "Cloud", "Cloud Ready" and where customers are on their journey to the cloud.

Migrating applications to the cloud seems easy but there are so many considerations that are often overlooked.

A lot of customers are adopting a hybrid cloud model so they can leverage cloud benefits on their on-prem Data Center and also use public clouds for workloads in which they feel comfortable with the risk level of having them running on a cloud provider environment.

The main goal on modernizing your data center is getting you ready to the cloud, so you are probably wondering Am I cloud ready.

A few Questions to check:

  • Do you have an integration strategy for getting cloud solutions talking to each other, and to on premise solutions?
  • Does IT have the right mix of people and skills to evaluate and manage the unique requirements of cloud solutions, such as understanding capacity, uptime and security and handling frequent updates?
  • Can your legal team properly evaluate cloud terms and conditions?
  • Does the core straight of cloud solution match your business requirements?
  • Was a cost analyzes done to measure the cost of running on-prem versus on cloud? Capital versus Operational costs
  • Does your current Network architecture and Security allow integration with cloud services without compromising?