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Google Cloud Platform

from the Hydra High Council Apr 28th 2020

At the VMworld US conference last fall in Las Vegas, cloud integration was a topic in a number of presentations. Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure were always mentioned, but often Google Cloud Platform (GCP) would be shown as just another logo on a slide, if referenced at all.

Although Google has been at the game of Big Data longer than any of the other players and has developed and open-sourced the research that forms part of the foundation all cloud providers build from, they trail in terms of market share for providing cloud services.

With an announcement last week from Google regarding a massive investment to increase its cloud service presence, we may see that tide turn this year. Google spent $25 billion in 2018 to expand its infrastructure and are now planning to invest another $13 billion to that total to hire tens of thousands of employees for GCP, adding to their current roster of 99 thousand full-time Googlers.

Why the big push? According to Alphabet's CFO, Ruth Porat, GCP is one of the fastest growing businesses at Alphabet. The announcement last week gives weight to Google's commitment to their cloud services business and indicates that there will be a lot of opportunities soon for those that have GCP training and are in position for the boom.

This goes beyond the thousands Google is looking to hire. More businesses are moving to GCP for performance reasons (GCP scores better in terms of low latency), lower costs with automatic discounts, improved uptime (live migrations of virtual machines decrease the need for reboots), and security (Google encrypts data at rest and in transit by default.)