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Proactive Support with VMware Skyline

from the Hydra High Council Feb 18th 2020

In a world where every microsecond means dollars, customers need to embrace technologies that will give them the absolute best chance at not only surviving but allowing their business to thrive! Outside of the technologies that provide high availability and other advanced redundancy features we need to be thinking of the "what ifs", the "gotchas" and the "RGEs" (Resume generating events). This means that having the correct vendor support model in place can be the difference in having the ability to recover quickly from unforeseen issues that may arise, or costing the business lots of time and money because you were not prepared!

VMware offers SnS for all of its products/solutions and as with all things, finding what fits your organization best is critical. Moving away from the traditional break/fix model is key to the success of today's fast-paced organizations. To help with that transition and to provide proactive support, VMware has brought VMware Skyline to the field to help provide a more proactive method of ensuring those headache-causing issues are caught before they actually cause service disruptions!

What is VMware Skyline?

VMware Skyline is a virtual appliance that customers would deploy on-premises that will automatically and securely go out and collect product usage data, support log bundles, and will then analyze that data to identify potential issues, comparing them to a robust engine and machine learning engine. As time goes on, the rules engine only becomes smarter and therefore will have the ability to catch more potential issues before they cause disruption! Skyline provides prescriptive guidance based on VMware best practices! This greatly improves the time to resolution! Note that Skyline is not available to Basic support customers! Did I mention that Vmware Skyline is free to those customers who have an active Production Support or Premier Services contract!!

The Skyline collector is simple and quick to deploy, and once it has been deployed, it somewhat becomes a set and forget solution that will work in the background. Skyline will look at configuration data, feature and performance data and has the ability to listen for changes/events and will then stream that information to VMware in near real-time!

That last part is critical because if you have ever been in a situation where an issue pops up and you need support immediately, then you know scrambling to collect logs, find the case and then upload them (although this should not take very long) can feel like an eternity!

What product information is being collected? As of today, VMware will analyze information from vSphere 5.5 and above, NSX for vSphere 6.1 and above, vSAN 6.7, Horizon 7.0 and above and vRealize Operations Manager 6.6, 6.7 and 7.0. As time goes on, we expect to see more products supported by Skyline!

Be sure to check out VMware's Skyline info at - https://blogs.vmware.com/kb/?s=skyline