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Welcome to the Hydra 1303 PKS Blog Series

from the Hydra High Council Jul 24th 2018
Welcome to the Hydra 1303 PKS Blog Series! We'll be covering a wide range of PKS and Kubernetes topics that will help you get started leveraging these powerful emerging technologies. Each blog will alternate between a Kubernetes topic geared a bit more toward developers, and a PKS topic geared more toward the ops team. In many ways, Kubernetes becomes the transition point between the teams, so learning a little bit about both sides will be helpful for both sides when adopting PKS.

Stay tuned every Thursday for the next several months as we cover K8s topics such as security, load balancing, persistent state, image registries, and service discovery. Every other week we'll cover a PKS and vSphere topic such as leveraging NSX-T, vSAN, Concourse and more! See below for a list of topics we'll be covering.

Kubernetes for App Developers

  1. Deploying Workloads on Kubernetes
  2. Secrets and ConfigMaps
  3. Scaling and Load Balancing in Kubernetes
  4. Managing State in Kubernetes
  5. Harbor Image Registry in PKS and Kubernetes
  6. Istio and Service Discovery in Kubernetes
  7. Helm and Package Management in Kubernetes
  8. Architecting Microservices for Kubernetes

PKS for Infrastructure and Ops Engineers

  1. PKS The Big Picture (Overview of PKS Tech Side)
  2. PKS and vSphere Design
  3. PKS and vSAN Design
  4. PKS and NSX-T Design
  5. PKS and Security
  6. PKS and Service Mesh (coming soon)
  7. PKS Troubleshooting (coming soon)
  8. PKS and Concourse Pipeline (coming soon)